If you are visiting Chiang Rai and have time, energy and skills to share we would like you to think of volunteering for The Ayui Foundation

Our objectives are to support the education and living costs of Akha hilltribe teenagers who come from poverty-stricken and/or single-parent families, including 2 orphans, while providing them with educational activities and encouraging them to practice and celebrate their traditional culture. As a volunteer we would like to hear from you about what you may have to offer - particularly we look for professional skills and people who can help out tutoring the kids, working around the house, providing English lessons or art and crafts, sports activities etc.

If you are interested please read through these two documents:

The first is our volunteering policy which will help describe the role of volunteers at Baan Ayui. The second document is an application form we ask people to fill out - it is an opportunity for us to get to know you a little bit and consider whether you may be a good fit as a volunteer in our organisation. Once you have read and considered the policy, fill up the application form and email it to us to talk about when you might be traveling to Chiang Rai, how long your trip would be and when would be a good time to volunteer.

We need people to come and visit the house, see what we're doing and then go and tell people about our young people and their stories - seeing is believing! and if just want to visit we would always appreciate donations of needles and thread, school supplies, knee-high school socks, art materials, etc.